Ridgewood Church of Christ

Welcome to the Ridgewood Church of Christ – we are in the process of rebuilding and relocating.  Our new name will be the Meadows Church of Christ.


We have sold the Ridgewood building and are in the process of building our new facility on Dishman Road.  During our construction period, we will be worshiping at the Holiday Inn (see below).

The office contact information is as follows:

Office Telephone (409) 892-7063 and (409) 892-6420 and E-mail: www.ridgewoodcofc@aol.com.


Services and Classes
Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 am (Nursery available)
Sunday Morning Bible Classes (10:45) (Classes for all ages)
Sunday Evening Worship 5:00 pm

Wednesday Evening at 7:00 pm


    Derrell Hart
    Donnie Landrum
    Brad Mansfield
    Chester Runnels
    Carl Sundgren

Ministers: Pulpit Minister-Rick Walker (rickwalkerpreacher@gmail.com)
Lamar College Campus Minister-Tony Fitzgerald

Bobby Case
Joey Case
Daryl Phelps
John Scott

Youth Intern:  Sean Surber

Benevolence:  Jerald Bass

BuildingDaryl Phelps

Building CommitteeDerrell Hart, Donnie Landrum, Brad Mansfield, Chester Runnels, Carl Sundgren, Steve Henley, David Owens, Daryl Phelps, Preston Simmons, Colby Sundgren, Rick Walker.

Capital Fund Raising: Danny and Cheryl Nelson

Evangelism Ministry: Jerald Bass, Joe Barina, Floyd Guillory

Finance Committee: Dan Delaney and Doug Smith

Fellowship Ministry:  Steve and Cathy Henley

Greeters Ministry:  Jim Boswell   

Historian and Photographer: Don Roerick 

Office Administrator:  Debbie Sundgren

Social Media Ministry: Connie Owens  (check out our Facebook page).  

Visitation:  Dwain Dorrell and Don Roerick 

Website:  Richard Trumps and Christine Walker

Women’s MinistryVicki Mansfield, Director 

Worship Ministry:  Bobby Case and Joey Case




           You are invited to come visit and worship with us.

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Starting April 10, 2016, we will be conducting Sunday Morning Worship and Bible Classes at the Holiday Inn located on the corner of Walden Road and I-10 South in Beaumont.  Worship starts at 9:30 am.  Please see our Weekly Bulletin or call the office for more details  

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Sermon Series

   Current Sunday Morning and Evening Sermon Series: Sunday morning – “Into the Wilderness”     Just Completed Series (copies available on the Sermon Tab):  10,000 Megawatt Christianity Joshua: A New Beginning The only people going to heaven? History of Israel Encouragement from Jesus and the I Am Passages of John Preparing for Greatness  (Sunday …

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